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June 9, 2004 The truth about what we are doing in Iraq 
April 29, 2004 Mad Doctor disease is an epidemic 
April 24, 2004 death and desolation in Chernobel 
April 10, 2004 Do you know? 
April 6, 2004 Who says the baby in the womb do not hurt? 
April 5, 2004 An old friend and Sister in Christ honored 
March 26, 2004 Teachers,Parents, Educators and the rest of us 
March 17, 2004 Patrick was not even Irish 
March 12, 2004 What do states think about God? 
February 23, 2004 Who chooses who lives? 
February 14, 2004 Who Killed Jesus? 
February 11, 2004 It is a new movie 
February 3, 2004 If you did not see it don't look 
January 3, 2004 It takes awhile for Washington to catch up with Acuff 
December 13, 2003 How do we deal with the illegal Hispanics? 
December 2, 2003 Listen to the Govenor 
November 14, 2003 What does it cost to deport a Hispanic illegal immigrant? 
October 18, 2003 Why do the Islamic people kill the Jews? 
October 14, 2003 It was news to me that God is still doing business 
October 2, 2003 What was the sexual identitiy of Mr Erskine? 
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